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What's UHIVE Token?

UHIVE Token is a new cryptocurrency, designed to be used within the UHIVE social network

We will do a free Airdrop after the crowd sale, just join our Telegram group or WhatsApp and stay there until the end of the Crowdfunding, and you will get Free UHIVE Tokens as much as the number of users joined (the minimum you will get is 1,000 UHIVE Tokens and the maximum is 10,000 UHIVE Tokens), for example, if 10,000 users joined, each one of them will get 10,000 UHIVE Tokens for free.


The more people joining the more tokens everyone will get.
You will be contacted at the end of the crowd sale to provide your wallet address

Token Sale Stages

Due to the cryptocurrency market immaturity, and with many crypto sales on the market that does not have an actual product, and to protect the token value when it is released on the exchange platforms, we decided to do it right way:

1.  Release the actual social network App

2.  Get users and momentum and offer Crowd Sale

3.  Go to exchange platforms

Private Sale

Jul 15, 2018 - Nov 30, 2018

Exchange rate

UHIVE Token = Contact Us

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Beta App Release

Q4 2018

Android App   iOS App  

Crowd Sale

Q1 2019

Exchange rate

UHIVE Token = $0.003

Go Exchanges

Q1 2019


UHIVE Financials and Economy

UHIVE social network is targeting most mobile users, we designed the new social platform to be unique and to have something different for everyone and for all age groups.

When the UHIVE network succeed and grow the token value will rise as well.

UHIVE Token Value growth = UHIVE Social Network Users Growth and LTV (Users Lifetime Value)

With more users, revenue from Ads will grow, and this revenue will solidify the UHIVE Company position and allow more investment in marketing and Technology, and eventually this will drive token value up

Our Estimation based on deep analysis and market comparison and research is:

If UHIVE reached 50 Million users, revenue from Ads will be around: $120 Million / Year This will allow $60 million to be invested back in UHIVE economy as users’ rewards, and this will help driving token value up with time due to supply and demand

With 50 Million users, UHIVE token value will reach $0.8 per token

Our estimation for UHIVE token value, based on the number or users in the network is as follows:

UHIVE Coin value vs Users Growth

We designed UHIVE to be a completely self-sustained economy, just as in life, governed by supply and demand.
As demand increases and with more users on the system, consequently the UHIVE Token value will increase.

Our Aggressive Go To Market Plan

1. Distance ourselves from the ICO Market, as currently, most ICO projects lack trust and credibility

2. Offer ‘Private Sale’ for private investors and early adopters

3. Get the App and the UHIVE social network platform released as a beta version by October / 2018

4. Release the app in certain countries to control the quality of the App, and allow more countries by time (Android and iOS)

5. During the crowd sale phase, we will limit the number of tokens allowed to be purchased per user, this will allow for more users to buy the token, and consequently promote and spread the word about the network and token (get more token holders)

6. Allow users to buy tokens from the App

7. Reward the highly active users in the network

8. Show and demonstrate social network App uniqueness to acquire all user types, like:

UHive Technology Grey World

Grey world

UHive Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimension

UHive Technology VR

Virtual Reality

9. ADs will be supported from day one, and this will generate income. 50% of Ads revenue will be distributed back in the UHIVE economy as UHIVE tokens, this will increase supply and demand, and drive token value up

10. Global and massive PR, marketing campaign and big influencer coverage in Q1/2 2019

Token Sale

Private Sale Start Date:
July 15th, 2018, 11am (GMT)
Private Sale End Date:
November 30th, 2018, 3pm (GMT)
Crowdsale Start Date:
December 1st, 2018, 11am (GMT)
Crowdsale End Date:
April 15th, 2019, 3pm (GMT)
Soft cap:
No need for a soft cap (Learn more)
$75 million USD
Token Price:
$0.003 in the Crowdsale
Token Supply and Distribution:
80 Billion UHIVE tokens of which
  • 20% Private Sale and bonuses
  • 30% Crowd Sale and bonuses
  • 1.25% for bounty and users acquisition programs
  • 25.75% Users engagement Rewards
  • 20% UHIVE advertisement platform and ecommerce system
  • 3% Team and Advisors

Why we don’t have a soft cap?

Soft cap was created by ICOs selling tokens without an actual product developed, it was a way to tell investors the following: We need this minimum (softcap amount) to start developing and get the product out, otherwise we will return the money to you, as we can’t develop the solution if we raised an amount below the softcap.

In UHIVE Case, we don’t need soft cap as we are beyond this scenario, we already invested millions creating the App and the platform in the past 4 years, and it’s currently in the Alpha stage, the social network will be released in Q4 / 2018.


  • Research and Development (47%)
  • Marketing & PR (22%)
  • Operational Cost (11%)
  • Network Expansion (9%)
  • Legal (3%)
  • Reserves (8%)

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Everything about UHive project, Crowdfund and vision

Do you want to be a part of it? Apply in our private sale

Only available for the first 1000 People / Companies, US accredited investors are allowed