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1. What is UHIVE?

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The World’s First Social Network With Physical Dimensions. Combining technology with Human psychology to deliver a new, remarkable and unique user experience.

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Jul 15, 2018 - Nov 30, 2018

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Beta App Release

Q4 2018

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Q1 2019

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Q1 2019


What is UHIVE?


  • Adding new Physical Dimension to the social network
  • Introducing a new Grey world: Be whoever you want to be
  • Everything is being Patented
    Social network Physical dimension: Patent Pending
    Grey world Hybrid blockchain: Patent pending

UHIVE Token:

  • Tokens are relatively Scarce when compared to targeted market size.
  • Four Years of innovation & R&D to approach the launch of new Beta Platform.
  • A self sustained and independent digital economy. Token is subsidized with organic revenue streams generated from user activities within UHIVE’s digital economy.

Social Network For Everyone



Designed for all, from Generation Z to Generation X 

Marketers & Influencers

Marketers & Influencers

New Marketing trends, New opportunities 



Capitalize on a new user experience 

For Investors

What Makes UHIVE Platform Different?

UHIVE idea is unique and different from the current social networks,
it approaches users with an intriguing experience

A new innovative Physical Dimension, allowing users to explore spaces in a more intuitive way

A Grey world, where anything goes, a place where users can be totally anonymous

A new hybrid blockchain system, that uses the best of both worlds (centralized and decentralized)

Based on years of human psychology researching with the aim to address human needs

Built from the start to support virtual reality

The first social network controlled with A.I. technology

A new and completely self-sustained economy

A new cryptocurrency (UHive Token) with an actual value


"Unlike others, the product came before the crypto currency"

Spent years in the creation of a new digital social network (UHIVE) with numerous innovative ideas and technologies, it will follow the release of the UHIVE token, and it will use it as the main currency to assist all the digital transactions & establish solid trade grounds within UHIIVE’s digital economy.

UHIVE is unique as it doesn’t rely on any 3rd party to use the Token (such as resellers, dentists, shops, or financial governmental institutions).

As the number of social network users grow, the value of the Token is bound to increase.

Behind it, is a highly skilled team with a successful track record in product development.


"Inspired by cutting-edge technologies, artificial intelligence and the era of making dreams into reality. Our team’s years of experience in the development of high-end smart systems and with our commitment to positively impact users lives, made the UHIVE project an achievable challenge"

UHive Technology A.I.

Artificial Intelligence

UHive Technology Block Chain

Hybrid Blockchain Technology

UHive Technology User Experience

Innovative new UI and user experience Technology

UHive Technology Grey World

New innovative Grey world technologies

UHive Technology Virtual Reality

New Social network Virtual Reality concept

UHive Technology Virtual Reality

Self sustained digital economy

And everything is being Patented

VR (Virtual Reality)

Built from the start to be VR Ready (optional for users), social network worlds are designed from the ground up to adopt the VR experience maintaining an easy interface suitable for all users.

Explore everything with your VR devices

Explore spaces and worlds around you

See movies and photos using VR

Post, comment and share in a new experience

Our A.I. Experience

Our globally successful product 'BigMIND' uses integrated object detection, face detection, content analysis, media transcribing and sentiment analysis, the system is designed to handle billions of objects in real time speed.

The team released the world’s first A.I. Image Description in Alpha version, which reads and analyze the users images in a very smart and fast process (Check it out here ).

The UHIVE team has vast experience and proven track record in creating large scale mobile apps such as G Cloud Backup (4.5+ Million users) and BigMind Apps, with many success stories in the past decade, the most recent one was integrating Artificial Intelligence with Cloud backup, the solution -called- BigMind was presented by Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO at re:invent 2016 in Las Vegas. We are currently working on expanding our team by acquiring new experienced and innovative talents

For more information, you can check the BigMind features page, and try our A.I. engine through the A.I. Lab


UHIVE Team Success Stories

BigMIND is the future of cloud data, it is the world’s first intelligent cloud data backup and discovery that it is built on A.I. technologies, it integrates the latest cutting-edge capabilities like faces recognition, objects detection, video analysis and transcribing, and much more.

Zoolz is the first global solution that adopts Cold storage with Tribrid backup, which secured millions of home and business data across the world.

Genie9 is an award-winning backup and cloud software provider. Since 2001, the company has gone from strength to strength, developing a diverse family of products, which currently protects the data of over 3 million users across the world.

G Cloud app is protecting over 5 million users around the world, it is a free Android and iOS backup app that is simple and safe to protect all users data on the cloud.


Working on a new idea

● Started working on the Idea
● Researching social networking and human Psychology

Learn More


Building the Grey World concept

● Working on the Financial Ecosystem
● Working on the Grey world concept and behaviour

Learn More


Integrating Hybrid Blockchain and cryptocurrency

● Working on integrating Hybrid Blockchain in the Grey world
● Adding Cryptocurrency ecosystem
● Working on A.I. technologies and preparing prototypes
● Working on UHIVE token

Learn More


Releasing UHIVE Tokens

● Starting the private sale
● Expanding the Team and working on preparing a beta release for iOS and Android Apps

Learn More

Q3 / 2018

Early Access App

● Release UHIVE Beta App on Android and iOS

Learn More

Q4 / 2018

Releasing UHive Network

Release the Final App globally
● Release UHIVE token on cryptocurrency exchange markets

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Q1 / 2019

Advertisement Platform

● Enter China with Partnerships with China biggest Cloud Providers and ISPs (A New World for China)
● Release our Advertisement Platform Version 1.0

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Q3 / 2019

Expanding capabilities

● Release XBOX and PS4 editions, where people can explore the social network
● Connect it with Smart TVs and many new IoT Devices
● Platform Updates

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Everything about UHive project, Crowdfund and vision

UHIVE News and Press

UHive ICO (HVE Token): Blockchain Social Network Crypto Coin?

UHive describes itself as the world’s first social network “with physical dimensions and blockchain technology.” Find out what that means today in our review.

What Is UHive?

UHive is a blockchain-based social network that combines human psychology with blockchain technology to deliver a new user experience unlike any other social network.

The UHive ecosystem revolves around UHIVE tokens.

Obviously, we already have hundreds of major social networks on the internet today. What makes UHive different? How does UHive plan to separate itself from the crowd? The unique selling feature of the UHive social network is the idea of a “physical dimension”. By adding a physical dimension to the social network, UHive aims to bring digital social interactions to the real world.

UHIVE Pre-ICO sale launched April 11th

UHIVE Social Network, which is ranked at 4.7/5.0 on ICObench has announced the launch of its Pre-ICO token sale on April 11th, 2018, the…

UHIVE — The new era of social networking

UHIVE Adds a New Dimension to Social Networking.

Fueled by the ever-increasing number of social media users and their active online…

Do you want to be a part of it? Apply in our private sale

Only available for the first 1000 People / Companies, US accredited investors are allowed